Chuck’s Produce & Street Market

ChucksChuck’s Product & Street Market has the motto “You never go wrong doing the right thing.” Walking into either their Mill Plain or Salmon Creek location you’ll quickly realize that to be the truth.

The locally owned company offers a variety of fresh and natural local food along with a selection of regionally sourced products. You’ll find a whole range of healthy products that you can feel good about serving to your family.

Most remarkable is their produce section, which makes up just about 25% of the store. You’ll find plenty of local fruits & vegetables, many of which are grown organically.

They also offer a meat & fish department with a beautiful selection, an artisan bakery, a cheese section that is among the best in the city, a coffee shop and full service deli with seating to eat inside.

Not only do they have a fantastic selection of quality food, they are very family focused. Just bring your kids and you’ll see exactly what that means.

A few things to take note is they don’t sell alcohol and are also closed on Saturdays.

You can find Chucks at 13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver, WA. 98684 and in Hazel Dell at 2302 NE 117th Street Vancouver, WA. 98686.

Snoring Review

Snoring-Review-Logo1In Vancouver there are plenty of local businesses that go unnoticed in the area. Those without store fronts make up a big portion of area businesses that are doing some interesting things.

One of those companies is Snoring Review, a small 2 person company located on Fourth Plain Blvd. that exists to help people cure there snoring problems.

The company operates a website reviewing a multitude of products people can buy that exist to put an end to the noise. What they’ve found in there tests is that not all products do what they claim to, and they want to provide that data to consumers.

In their office they have an assortment of products they’ve tried including pillows, mouthpieces, chin straps and sprays.

While they have been operating since 2009, they have had increased demand for their service. The company is expanding into other product reviews and look to be the test dummies for sleep related products.

La Bottega

La BottegaIt’s almost laughable that in the Columbians best of Clark County, the Olive Garden has won the best Italian food 3 times. Especially because there are a few places that are hands down classes ahead of the chain.

One of those is La Bottega, a cafe, wine shop & deli located in the Uptown Village area of downtown on Main St. that could easily be listed as one of the top restaurants the city has to offer.

You can choose to stop by to buy some of the food off the shelves or a few bottles of wine, or choose to stay for lunch or dinner.

There wine selection is one of the best in the county and they offer just the right selection of specialty foods to pair with them.

In the summer time they will roll up the door and let the northwest air flow into the cafe, or you could sit outside on the front sidewalk.

Make sure to check them out Wednesday evening for wine tasting and antipasto.

You can visit La Bottega at 1905 Main St. Vancouver, WA. 98660.

Floyd & Company

Floyd & CompanyDo you have any old gold laying around that you’ve thought about selling for cash?

There are a few ways many people go about it. The first would be to take it to a pawn shop, but you won’t get anywhere near what it’s worth. The next option would be to try and sell it on Craigslist, but that can always be risky.

The best option would be to sell it to a gold buyer.

Since 2011 Floyd & Company has been a trusted gold buyer in and around Vancouver.

Founded by long time Vancouver resident Mike Floyd, the company focuses on a convenient gold buying experience. That’s why when you set an appointment, they come to you.

Floyd reaches customers everywhere from Vancouver all the way south to Redding, California and anywhere in between. They’ll even meet you as far west as the Oregon coast to make the gold buying experience easy.

For a fun experience, they can help you setup a gold buying party where you bring your friends and they’ll take a look at any pieces that anyone brings.

Check out their website for more information and gold selling tips.

You can reach them by phone at 360-693-GOLD.

Grover Electric and Plumbing Supply

Grover Electric & PlumbingIn the age of big box home improvements, it’s refreshing to see a small local company able to survive.

Founded in 1954 by R.J. Grover, Grover Electric & Plumbing Supply has been the go to place for many Vancouver residents over the years. With a focus on electric and plumbing needs, they also carry a nice selection of lighting products for both residential and commercial needs.

What sets the company apart from big stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot is their incredible employees who have a commitment to customer service. You can all of your questions answered on your do-it-yourself project because their staff is full of knowledge.

If ever you have a question on installing something, they are there to help. Most of there staff have been there awhile and have an abundance of knowledge. No question is too dumb for them.

Aside from their Vancouver store, they also offer 3 stores in Oregon and 3 more in Idaho, yet they still have the feeling of a local business.

They also have some pretty cute local commercials.

Check out Grovers in Vancouver at 1900 NE 78th Street Vancouver, WA 98665.